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Breast Cancer Prevention Image

Shifting the Pink Paradigm

by Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski,

Breast Cancer Prevention ImageEditor’s Note from Elizabeth Wisniewski: It is time to change our thinking around breast cancer. Breast cancer prevention and health optimization are critical but this requires a complete paradigm shift. In this article I discuss simple steps to achieving optimal health and breast cancer prevention. At the heart of this shift is to include regular chiropractic care so that the body can heal from the inside-out. If you have a family history or other risk factors for breast cancer this article will serve as a great resource on how your environment has the largest influence on genetic expression.

Elective body mutilation in the name of disease prevention must end. This subversive thinking is based on fear, and is dangerous to society. I am calling all women to tap into their inner wisdom and recognize that health always comes from within and that you cannot cut something out to gain health. Women are very connected to their intuition and it is time that they start listening to that inner voice. It is that inner voice that will guide them to make the best decisions toward optimal health and will also manifest health from within.

There has been a slow yet steady stream of celebrities undergoing elective double mastectomies because they are at high risk for breast cancer. This shows a clear lack of understanding of how the body works and in particular the role that genes play in health or disease.

Personally, my father’s mother had breast cancer, my mother died at the age of 44 from breast cancer, my mother’s sister has breast cancer for the third time, and my maternal grandfather has breast cancer. It seems like there may be something going on here, right? Is it the genes? Is it leftover pesticide residue from the orchard that used to exist where their house now stands? Some individuals in my family have decided to have genetic testing but I have decided not to go down this course. Here is my reasoning: The father of epigenetics, Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, discovered during his research over forty years ago that the environment controls the genetic expression, not the genes. He says, “Genes may load the gun, but your environment pulls the trigger.” So the world you live in, the household cleaners you use, the foods you eat, your job, your stress levels, the amount of exercise is all part of your environment. You can have the gene, but it may not be turned on because you are living a clean and healthy life. Further research shows that only 25% of disease has a genetic component, the rest is based on your environment, both internal and external.

In the United States, women make most of the health related decisions for the household. From grocery shopping to scheduling doctor’s appointments it is the wives and mothers leading the way. They play a powerful role in the lives of the family and even in the health of their surrounding community. It is time that we empower women with facts on how to achieve genuine health!

1. Health does not come from a pill, potion or surgery. It never comes from the outside-in.

2. In emergency situations medicine is great because it can save your life. Otherwise it is usually symptom and disease driven rather than health motivated.

3. True prevention of disease must be based on a model of inside-out health and the understanding that the body can heal its self.

4. Stop blaming “bad genes” for your poor health and take control of your own life .

5. You must get adjusted! The nervous system impacts every cell, tissue, organ, and other body system. A nervous system free of interference, from spinal subluxations, allows for optimal life expression. When the nervous system is functioning at 100% the immune system works better, the body is able to self-regulate, and your overall sense of wellbeing is improved.

The steps that I have outlined above will help to dramatically improve your life and overall health. It is time to stop supporting companies and organizations who are not congruent with creating a healthy lifestyle. Purchase your food at local farmers markets and make sure it is certified organic. Donate to not for profit organizations that meet you at your own values instead of investing in faulty profit driven research. Drink clean water, breathe fresh air, spend time in the sun, and introduce movement into your life every day. All these activities are important but the MOST important is getting your spine and nervous system checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic on a regular basis.

I am putting out a call to all women, especially those with family histories of breast cancer to join me in a new tribe. My vision is to create a community that is focused on prevention, a support group that helps keep you accountable to your health goals. Survivor groups are wonderful, but my vision is to have a group that allows for open heart space communication and focuses on the cause of dis-ease. I am putting this intention into the universe in loving memory of my mother, Diane. Please join me in this cause so that we can shift the pink paradigm into one of prevention and health optimization rather than disease and crisis care.

Learn more about holistic health at www.allthingshealing.com.


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